Play is research.


Playwork is generally understood as “the work of creating and maintaining spaces for children to play”. The Playwork Research Lab aims to expand upon this definition in two ways: first, by classifying playworkers as knowledge workers; second, by asserting that play is itself a research practice, i.e. a way of acquiring shareable, testable knowledge. Proceeding from these principles, our network of researchers engages in playful practice-based research projects that explore new technologies, affordances, and modes of interaction in emerging spaces of cultural production.

We believe good research must be shareable, testable, playful, and free. Free and open research is essential to playful collaboration, and we believe in the principles embodied by Creative Commons, Critical Commons, the Open Source movement, and similar humanistic endeavors. As our lab grows, we hope to distribute our research as openly and freely as possible. For now, this page serves as both a stub and a mission statement, reminding us that there is much playwork to be done.

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